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14 ideas for & the best place to purchase special wedding rings 2023

Don’t assume all bride wants a traditional diamond engagement ring.

If the spouse provides a modern style or perhaps desires a band no body more provides, buying the perfect distinctive engagement ring can seem specially daunting. Luckily for us, there are a lot of spots to acquire unique and non-traditional engagement bands on any spending budget.

Read on for a summary of:

Distinctive engagement rings: 9 some ideas

Below are a few trends and ideas for special involvement bands to think about as you shop:

1. Asymmetrical designs

Many conventional wedding bands feature just one diamond on its own (solitaire environment) or a center diamond surrounded or flanked by more compact diamonds in a symmetrical layout.

Start thinking about an engagement ring in an asymmetric concept, with different sizes, kinds, and cuts of gems.

This .42 carat pear-shaped band can be acquired from
Doozie Jewelry on Etsy

As well as this garnet and alexandrite band from
Yvbard Precious Jewelry on Etsy

2. Minimalist rings

Multi-carat diamond rings are not for every bride. In case the bride isn’t into showy situations, or a smaller band is in the budget, a unique engagement ring in a minimalist layout makes an individual, low-key declaration, like one of them 0.2 carat diamond bands from Etsy:

3. Estate and traditional rings

Suzanne Martinez, a precious jewelry historian, senior dates.net gemologist and co-owner of
Lang Antiques
based in San Francisco, says old-fashioned and vintage engagement bands are a great option for nontraditional brides simply because they may function less-common diamond slices, warmer colored diamonds, and special concept details caused by a certain age.

«There isn’t any evaluation within expertly hand fabricated, meticulously detail by detail, unmatched artistry of jewels of the past with the primarily mass-produced, corporate, machine-made precious jewelry today,» Martinez says.

She states even the insides of old-fashioned involvement rings often exhibit additional time, energy, and focus on information versus outsides of most modern-day pieces.

classic or property jewellery
at a property purchase, a classic store that offers in superb, or a nearby precious jewelry shop that carries classic and classic pieces. There are also antique wedding rings on the web from sites like
and e-bay.

Ty Wilson, do-founder of
, an on-line customized jeweler, supplies these tips for buying an antique gemstone:

  • Examine the band very carefully for signs of wear and tear. It needs to be in good condition, without major scratches or dings. Also, look for any free or missing stones.
  • Analysis the part prior to buying it. Check the ring’s markings, which could display just who managed to get, where once it was produced, whatever metal used, and magnificence wide variety.
  • Purchase from a reliable supplier to make certain you receive a quality portion.

«your own hard earned money is entitled to be used on a piece of precious jewelry with a good chance of growing in worth with time,» Wilson claims. «exceed the precious jewelry shop’s advertising and move on to be aware of the product before buying.»

It’s also possible to get a
jewellery appraisal
to ascertain your own ring’s importance and exactly what metals and gemstones it includes.

They’re some antique involvement rings from Lang Antiques:

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4. Vintage-inspired rings

Unless you are interested to buy a classic engagement ring but your bride is actually keen on vintage style, consider buying a gemstone determined by designs of the past — believe art deco, Victorian, Gothic, mid-century, and art nouveau types.

Loni Arnold, gemologist and supervisor of
Arnold Jewelers
in Largo, Fla., states numerous jewelers use terms and conditions like «inspired» or «re-cast» for rings which can be designed from a previous era.

This 1-carat gemstone from Etsy functions monochrome expensive diamonds in an art deco-inspired environment:

5. Salt and pepper expensive diamonds

«The salt-and-pepper diamond pattern is one many of my personal customers have questions about,» says Sherrie Anne Taylor, owner and creator of
S. Taylor Jewellery Appraisal and Assessment
in Ontario, Canada.

While conventional diamonds tend to be appreciated centered on their particular decreased inclusions, salt and pepper diamonds utilize those inclusions to enhance the beauty of the band.

«They feature a nice-looking structure of light to dark speckled inclusions, creating a salt and pepper appearance,» Taylor claims.

Because these diamonds are thought lower quality, Taylor says you are able to generally buy a diamond with a larger carat body weight at an acceptable cost.

«I have come across consumers get actually innovative with layout whenever using these expensive diamonds, combining monochrome feature diamonds for comparison, two-tone gold seems, and non-traditional involvement styles,» she states.

This salt-and-pepper engagement ring can be found from Etsy:

Equally, you can get a unique engagement ring featuring raw diamonds, which haven’t already been clipped or prepared and therefore show up crude and cloudy instead of easy and sparkly, like this one from Etsy:

6. Cluster stones

Thalita Ferraz is actually a vegas fashion blogger at
The Woman Bones
with almost 700K followers on Instagram. She states one distinctive trend she is recently viewed is wedding rings with a number of more compact, frequently different-colored stones, in the place of one large diamond as a centerpiece.

«I think that the is ideal for nontraditional brides because it really defies standard of obtaining that classic ‘big diamond’ in your hand,» Ferraz claims.

Many people see these smaller stones as symbolic of the collaboration between a couple, along with the additional aspects that comprise a household.

Take a look at this diamond group ring from Etsy:

7. Eternity bands

Some non-traditional brides would rather forego a traditional engagement ring for a long time group, which resembles a marriage musical organization. Next, they stack another subservient group due to the fact wedding band.

«The band-stacking appearance can be quite stylish, and much more could be extra in function of events down the road,» Taylor claims.

Normally some eternity groups available from
, a niche site where you are able to get second hand and authenticated luxury and developer jewelry for an affordable price:

8. Unique options

Find a band environment that breaks through the old-fashioned solitaire, halo, or three-stone setting.

«For example, we have worked with consumers which wished skulls or dried leaves integrated into their band concept,» Wilson claims.

Rustin Yasavolian works closely with consumers to produce custom engagement rings through his family’s jewelry store, Masina Diamonds in Atlanta. He says some special engagement ring fashions are geometric or block-style mountings or ballerina-style halo bands, which function elongated rocks all over heart band.

«they’re a fun up-date for the more conventional halo options,» Yasavolian claims.

Below are a few wedding bands with exclusive settings on Etsy:

9. Personalized rings

There is nothing a lot more unique than a custom made gemstone. You may get a customized concept from a local jeweler or reach out to an impartial jeweler on a website like Etsy. Just be sure to review product reviews and check out a portfolio with the jeweler’s work to make sure they can be a great fit and that they make use of top-quality components.

Wilson says as he’s dealing with customers, the guy draws motivation off their existence experiences, favorite circumstances, or a family treasure.

«if you should be fortunate getting a family group treasure (or a vintage piece of jewellery) you adore, why not use it since starting point for your engagement ring?»

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Non-traditional involvement bands: 5 ideas

1. Toi et moi rings

French for «you and myself» rings, these non-traditional wedding bands typically function two primary rocks, generally two expensive diamonds or a diamond and a colored gemstone.

Celebs like Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowsi put on toi et moi wedding bands.

Below are a few toi et moi rings available on TheRealReal:

2. bands without diamonds

While diamonds remain typically the most popular engagement ring stone, colored gemstones are getting in popularity as a non-traditional engagement ring choice.

Gems are inexpensive than diamonds, which means they may be an ideal choice if you should be searching for
inexpensive engagement bands

You can also get more substantial heart stone at a lower price if you buy a gem wedding ring or a band featuring a lab-grown diamond or moissanite.

Arnold claims the woman is watching many brides come right into her family members’ jewellery store asking for gemstone involvement bands, specifically rings featuring sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

«[These gemstones] operate well against everyday wear, while staying eye-catching at every turn,» Arnold says. «renewable involvement rings like these are ideal for a jaw-dropping, special ring ready for a proposal.»

The Gemological Institute of The united states features a
Gemstone Encyclopedia
to assist you create an informed decision about which gemstone to select. Overall, the gem stone you select for an engagement ring should really be rated no less than a 7 regarding the
Mohs Hardness Measure
to make sure it’s not effortlessly broken.

They’re some gem stone possibilities on the GIA web site:

Wilson shows picking a band along with your lover’s birthstone for a personal touch.

David Yurman
morganite band is actually listed on Gemma:

This three-stone platinum
band has a sapphire middle rock as well as 2 diamonds:

You may want to purchase expensive diamonds in selection of tones — mostly in tones of yellow, blue, and red.

3. Engagement bands with extravagant jewel forms

According to
, the 12 most well known diamond cuts tend to be:

  1. Round
  2. Princess
  3. Support
  4. Emerald
  5. Marquise
  6. Oval
  7. Radiant
  8. Pear
  9. Asscher
  10. Heart
  11. Baguette
  12. Trillion

If for example the spouse wants a non-traditional engagement ring, pick one associated with the lesser-used treasure cuts to create her ring aside.

«Some of the a lot more unique developments we come across of late feature east-west ready elongated diamonds, instance emerald slices and elongated support cuts,» Yasavolian states.

Arnold adds as possible enhance the appearance of any material shape with an original wedding ring.

«truly a well known development getting an ageless or standard gemstone but to create uniqueness for their ready adding textured, patterned, or colourful wedding bands,» she says.

This east-west engagement ring is present on Etsy:

4. Heritage bands

Buy a ring that pays respect to your and/or your lady’s heritage or tradition. If your own bride is actually of Irish or Scottish ancestry, start thinking about buying a ring-in a Celtic-inspired setting and on occasion even a Claddagh band, which includes two fingers keeping a heart and a crown.

This 0.7-carat engagement ring on Etsy includes a Celtic love knot, that will be meant to signify the love between a couple:

5) Pearl engagement rings

Pearl involvement rings are ever more popular, simply as they are therefore stunning, and an eye-catching mixture of mixing a timeless, standard pearl in an original, non-traditional utilize: involvement rings. Plus, pearls are typically far more affordable than diamonds of similar size. You will get a big bang to suit your engagement ring money with a pearl gemstone.

The disadvantage to pearl jewellery of any kind usually unlike gems, it’s a real time organic content that can discolor, scratch and normally get broken during use.

This rather rose gold, pearl and engagement ring ready is actually $515 on

This pearl and diamond, platinum and platnium gemstone retails for $1,180 on

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Best locations to obtain distinctive wedding bands

Ready to begin looking for an unique ring? Down the page is actually a listing of locations to track down unique wedding bands:

Neighborhood jewelry shops

«Shopping at an area household jewelry store not only benefits an area business and helps placed meals to their family members’ table, but often, they offer items at fair market value so that your cash goes further,» Arnold says.

She advises shopping around to get the best prices and never creating an impulsive unresearched purchase.

«Oftentimes, a precious jewelry shop like our store can custom make developer band for a fraction of the cost,» Arnold claims.


Capucinne is actually an internet jeweler that offers non-traditional and whimsical wedding and engagement bands. They’ve got a big variety of ready-to-ship bands also permit you to work with a designer to create a completely custom ring to suit your spouse. These are generally some unique engagement bands offered by Capucinne:

Get a hold of an unique gemstone from Capucinne >>


1stDibs is an internet marketplace that sells fine jewelry, artwork, furnishings, fashion, and much more from vetted retailers all around the globe. Buyers can find wedding bands within price noted, make a deal on a ring they would desire buy, or bid on a wedding ring in an on-line auction.

They’re some unique wedding bands noted on 1stDibs:

This toi et moi ring is actually from

Traditional and house store/dealers

If you’re looking for a classic gemstone, you can check out regional property revenue, jewellery shops that sell old-fashioned items, or old-fashioned dealers that buy and sell superb. You can also find classic and estate jewellery from web sites like

As with any significant purchase, be sure to browse vendor critiques and inquire concerns through the procedure to be sure the ring you’re buying is genuine. If band does not feature paperwork, consider getting a jewelry or
diamond assessment

Custom precious jewelry designers

Acquiring a wedding ring especially designed is one way assuring your partner’s band is truly original. Request recommendations from relatives and buddies for local jewelers or jewellery shops that creates custom pieces.

You can even custom order an engagement ring on Etsy. Browse consumer product reviews and check out past work before selecting a designer.

Consignment stores

While not every
shop buys and sells fine jewelry, there are plenty of on online consignors that — like TheRealReal,
I Actually Do Today I Don’t
, and

A favorite reselling system, ebay links sellers with purchasers worldwide. — consequently it may be a gold my own to find a unique engagement ring once you learn where to look. Ensure that the vendor you decide on has a top score and good critiques.

If you’re buying exclusive gemstone, Etsy supplies an array of styles to pick from. Numerous avant-garde precious jewelry makers have developed store right here to make distinctive engagement ring dreams possible.

Support independent jewelers and buy an engagement ring on Etsy >>

A website for pre-owned luxury products, shoppers will find distinctive wedding rings at a discount.

Get a hold of your lover the perfect distinctive engagement ring on Gemma >>

Pawn shops

Though not all
pawn shop
offers in superb, you could be able to find a distinctive engagement ring any time you go to the proper shop during the correct time.


Another reseller program for deluxe items, this website typically has a sizable selection of used engagement rings, such as some in non-traditional styles.