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How Learning to Code Can Help You in the Future

I’m currently working on a book about the history of video games, and I’m the reason everything you think you know about Street Sharks is a lie. As far as improving your coding is concerned, joining and contributing to GitHub is non-negotiable. No matter how experienced you https://deveducation.com/en/courses/ are, you’ll almost always learn something new when you add your two-cents to an Open Source project. Whether that’s from observing someone else’s code, or from receiving feedback on your own, it’s a brilliant learning curve and a huge confidence booster all rolled into one.

  • Before answering the question of “how do you improve your coding skills,” it is first important that you understand how much you already know.
  • For any given computation, there will be more than one way to program it.
  • This emphasis on collaboration helps even the most experienced software engineers continue to learn and improve.
  • There is a high demand for developers who understand frontend languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and backend languages like Python.

Think of classes like groups of similar things, such as fruits, with objects that tell us more about individual items in that class, such as apples. This programming paradigm is important because it allows programmers to easily reuse complex code across programs. For example, if I say “my apple,” it isn’t necessary for me to tell you all the attributes of my apple (i.e., red, round, grew on a tree, belongs to me). One of the strongest and most obvious draws of learning to code is the earning potential for coding and programming professionals.


If you plan to use both C++ and C#, you may want to learn C++ first. This will make it easier to understand C# and can help speed up the learning process. Python is a popular programming language for beginners because of its user-friendly syntax and versatility. JavaScript is a programming language that turns static web pages into dynamic ones.

Coding helps build professional skills

With C, you’ll learn skills that can be easily applied to other, more succinct languages. HTML and CSS are easy to learn largely because they don’t require you to think through the computational logic of programming languages. One of the coolest benefits of learning how to code is the ability to bring your ideas to life. Now, you can build it exactly how you want, then share it with the world.

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It would be disastrous to get halfway through your project only to realize that you have made a poor decision. Starting a project in the wrong language, or using the wrong routines to solve problems, can derail your project in the future if not immediately. But for any given problem a programmer might face, there will be multiple potential solutions. Identifying the best solution for the problem in front of you and learning to trust your decision-making requires you to be self-reliant. Learning to code can often feel overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out.

Students work on their code, check-in with each other, ask for pointers or suggestions, go back and rework their code, and come back together to see if it works. So, you’ve finished your first introductory coding course, but you don’t know what to do next. We’ve created this article to give you tips on what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do when you’re taking your first steps as a developer and trying to build strong coding skills. Here’s some advice to help you take your skills to the next level. Learning to code, even as a hobby, can give you a common reference point and better understanding of those who tackle some of the more complex programming and coding roles out there. Knowing this, you might be wondering if coding is something you should consider.

You develop the ability to make applications and websites for things you care about and want to share. Born in China and raised in Seattle, she graduated from Dartmouth College with degrees in Economics and Arabic. After graduation, Yan worked at Bunge Global Agribusiness, a commodities trading house.

Programming languages are universal, so learning to code provides an opportunity to reach out to and work with programmers across the world. There are many ways to get involved in programming communities via forums like Reddit, GitHub, or the Codecademy Forums. We also have a Codecademy Discord where you can chat with other members, ask questions, and collaborate. If you are in an industry that doesn’t require coding experience, having the skills could still help you secure or expand your role. As noted by Steve Jobs, coding teaches the mind to view problems from multiple perspectives and think creatively about solving them. Coding also encompasses much more than math; it requires an ability to create and troubleshoot projects and a knack for reasoning through the development process.

Learn how comments work in your language and, at the very least, leave comments at the top of your functions explaining the job of each one. Comments are segments of code that aren’t processed by the computer, so you can write whatever you want inside them. I recommend beginning with C, though, since there are fewer concepts to learn, all of which can be mapped to C++. It’s wordier than Python and often requires beginners to write more code to achieve the same things.

Coding helps build professional skills

Learning to code helps take away a lot of that worry, with its salary potential and job growth prospects. Oftentimes, the code solutions that get the top scores on websites like CodeWars and Coderbyte are not examples of good code. This is because the websites are games, and part of the game for developers is to see how short they can get their solutions.

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